Here at Happy Paws Pet Salon the ultimate care for your pet is our goal.

Our staff here each have over 10 years' experience with dogs and cats. Working with animals is our passion. We will always strive to make sure your pet comes home professionally groomed, happy, healthy, and pampered.

Our products, and services will match each of your pet's specific needs. From all-inclusive premium grooming services, to upkeep weekly or bi-weekly trims.

Our state of the art equipment is built to provide easy transport without strain. We have two wash tubs to accommodate the individual needs of your pet. One wash bay that is ground level to specialize in large\giant breeds and senior dogs with physical restrictions. The other wash tub and grooming table has an electric lift so that your pet does not have to walk up stairs or be manually lifted, eliminating strain on your pet.

At Happy Paws Pet Salon, we understand that grooming can be a stressful time for some pets, while others love their grooming experience. Our promise is to care for your pet the same way I would want my own pet to be cared for. Patience, care, and respect is a requirement for all staff. We love animals and that is why we are here. My passion for pet hair styling is just icing to the cake here.

Welcome to Happy Paws Pet Salon we look forward to meeting you and your special pets. Stop in with your pet for a free consult and we can discuss you and your pet's needs.

Features and Amenities

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Meet Our Team

Jeannette Fichtel

Jeannette Fichtel

Master Groomer/Owner

Hi, my name is Jeannette Fichtel and I am the proud Owner\Head Groomer of Happy Paws Pet Salon. I have 17+ years in Professional Pet Grooming.

I have been married for over 10 years to my best friend Tim and Happy Paw's best kept secret (our forever handyman\renovator). I have three amazing little kids Addison 8 years old, Gwendolyn 5 years old, and T is 4 years old. I have two dogs Piston (Labrador Retriever) and Kirby (French Bulldog). Last but never least Walter our cat. I am and always have been an animal lover of all shapes and sizes. My mom is who made me who I am. She brought us up in the Confirmation Show world. We raised Rough Coat Collies, German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Corgis. We raised Persian Cats for a few years, so cats have always been a comfort zone for me. I spent 10 years raising Labrador Retrievers and a short time of my life trying to show but family always came first so I never seemed to get too far.

We moved here to Hamilton Michigan from Illinois in 2018 in the search for a better life for my family. A large part of who I am sprouts from my daughter Addison. She has Cerebral Palsy so for our family she always comes first. She is why we are here and found the most remarkable town to call home. I couldn't be more thankful for the community and the support we continue to receive.

I built this business to operate the way I would want for my own pet. We want them to have the individual care and attention they deserve while they are at our salon. Pets are not caged if possible. They play with others, when possible, they are loved on and cared for as they deserve. I want each pet to walk in the door and know their comfort is our priority. I want to come to work and love what I do and who I see. I built a dream job and ill be honest with the help of two of the best friends I could ask for we have an incredible business that has grown bigger than I have ever dreamed.

Welcome to Happy Paws Pet Salon!

Abby Brown

Abby Brown

Barkery Owner/Deshedding Grooming Specialists

I am the owner and operator of The Brown Dog Barkery and Creations and assistant to Jeanette in the Happy Paws Pet Salon. Who will create many wonderful handmade goodies for your loyal canine. From small cookie treats to special ordered cakes, I believe that your loyal friend deserves the best they can get. Whether it may be the fresh eggs from my own backyard chicken flock or the delightful and colorful decorations, this is a great way to show your friend that you love them by something that speaks to their heart... or better yet, their stomach! I am a Licensed Veterinary Technician with Hamilton Veterinary Clinic where my co-workers and I care for small animals. Being a Technician for 8 years allows me to understand that some dogs have allergies to certain things, thus there will be different combinations of ingredients so even the sensitive stomachs can have a little treat too. Since I was young I have always had a knack for art, baking, and love for animals, so why not put the three together and do something we all can enjoy.

I am a Wife of a Mechanic and a Mother to a spirited young boy named Henry. Of course I have some four-legged friends who were part of my inspiration; a very lax yellow Labrador named CeeJay, a boisterous one-eyed yellow Labrador named Jack-Jack, two good-natured yet amusing cats whose names are Marshall and Zuma.

Just recently got many backyard chickens that will help her in the process of supplying some fresh ingredients for the baked goods.