Walk-in for a $10 Nail Trim!

Reach out to us for Nail Trim services in Hamilton, MI

Does your pet need a nail trim? Trimming your dog's nails can be difficult without the proper tools or experience. Our dog nail trim services can help to round and smooth your pet's rough nail edges efficiently. No appointment necessary! Just call ahead and let us know you're coming in.

Additional services

Along with our nail trimming services, you can also turn to us for:

  • Anal Gland Expression Services: If your pet's anal glands have become impacted or infected, your dog or cat can be extremely uncomfortable. The groomers at Happy Paws Pet Salon provide anal gland expression services at our shop in Hamilton, MI. Anal glands are expressed to maintain a pet's health and prevent straining to use the bathroom, crying out when using the bathroom, and more. Please note: if your pet is leaving blood, pus or anal gland material in areas where they rest, please contact your vet immediately.
  • Ear Cleaning Services: Cleaning your dog's ear between vet visits is important for preventing ear infections.
  • Reach out to us today at 269-264-1224 for more information about our walk-in services.