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Turn to us for professional pet grooming services in Hamilton, MI

When you're ready to give your cat or dog the perfect pampering, rely on the expert pet grooming services at Happy Paws Pet Salon in Hamilton, MI. While we specialize in large and giant dogs, we offer a wide variety of services for all dog breeds. Along with taking care of your dog, we also provide cat grooming services. You can count on us for:

Premium dog haircuts - bath, brush and blow out, full-body haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning and anal glands (if they allow)
Long-hair shed dog - same as premium, includes trim up or feathering
Short-hair dog - same as long-hair shed services
Cat grooming - bath, brush, blowout, haircut and nail trim
De-shedding treatment - brush and blow out only

We also offer de-skunking treatments. Get in touch with us at 269-264-1224 today to schedule pet grooming services.

Importance of washing and de-shedding

Caring for dogs who shed is very important. De-shedding helps to keep your dog cool and their coat clean and healthy. De-shedding also allows us to properly evaluate your dog's body and coat to check for any problem areas. Cutting your dog's hair can prevent matting and skin problems as well. Maintaining all-around care for your pet is just as important as your personal hygiene.

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